The world is full of such people who carry an instinct of making big difference and positive change to the set patterns of their age. These people are ahead of time and think of the ages that have yet to come. They initiate and explore new ways and shape the tracks for those who are coming behind. Living for others becomes their identity. They find the spark in others and bring them to the rostrum of life. Thus, they become a brand and brand maker at the same time. Atif Masood Choudhry is one of these people. Yes, he is a blend of all features these people are born with.

Atif Masood Choudhry is bringing visible changes to the corporate world with his dedicated approach and consistency. Within minimum time frame, he has achieved multiple portfolios and brand identity in the international market with his:

  • Corporate branding services through all channels
  • Managerial abilities
  • Webinars
  • Philanthropy along with corporate social responsibility
  • Executive pieces of training to the corporate sector
  • Life coaching certifications

Keeping the sky as his limits, he outshines on the global horizons with his collaborative mindset and flexible thinking.

Following articles  are written by Atif Masood Chaudhry, Chief Inspiring Officer (CIO), Mega Vision Corporate Branding.

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